Wooden boxes

If you need a wooden box, but your product is much smaller or larger than our wooden box, please contact us. We are able to produce wooden boxes for individual dimensions and requirements of our customers (other sizes and shapes of wooden boxes can be found on our website). Send us a picture or drawing, internal dimensions of the box, the quantity that you are interested in and color of the box, and we will quote it for you. The minimum quantity is 50 pieces.

We produce wooden boxes for tea, cards, medals, cigarettes, cigars, and many other products. Because we are a manufacturer, we are able to produce any wooden box in shape and size. Wooden boxes are made of pine. It is possible to produce boxes of any type of wooden available on the market. For more details please contact us.

On every box we can make an engraving. In the “Service” tab you will find a price for the engraving on the surface up to 10cm2. If your logo is larger, please contact us and send us graphic design, and we will calculate the price for you.

Big box for tee bags

Big box for tee bags is made of great quality pine wood.
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Black wooden box

The black wooden box made of a pine with a retractable lid.
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Brown one bottle box

Brown one bottle box made of pine wood.
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Brown two bottle box

Brown two bottle box made of pine wood.
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