Wooden wine boxes

Wooden boxes for wine combine attractive prices with an exclusive advertising gadget. Wine boxes are suitable for a bottle of wine that you can offer to your partners, associates, or special customers. Exclusive wine boxes are the ideal choice for companies, for whom ecology is very important. It is an excellent idea for wine shops in addition to their products. It can be sold as an additional or as a free product when a certain quantity of bottles of wine is purchased.

Our product range includes single and double boxes for wine. The size of our boxes is suitable for all standard bottles of wine:

A single wine box with sliding lid is the low priced box in our offer. However, this could be the ideal box also for exclusive bottle of wine. Internal dimensions of the box are as follows: 9.5 x 9 x 30 cm. Another wooden wine box that you can find in our offer is a single wine box with hinged lid. The lid of the box is mounted on two hinges and has a closing clip. Its dimensions are 9.5 x 9 x 31 cm. In our offer there is also a double box wine box with hinged lid. Its internal dimensions are 19 x 9 x 31 cm.

Since wine boxes are handmade there is always possible that the boxes will be a few millimeters larger or smaller. If your bottle of wine or other alcohol would fit up to single millimeter into our wooden boxes, please feel free to contact us in order to clarify the exact dimensions or to order wooden box that will fit to the dimensions of your product. If you have a bottle of wine that does not fit into our wooden box or is too small, please contact us. We are able to make boxes for wine in dimensions of your choice.

Wooden boxes are available in various colors. If you want to get details regarding the color and delivery time of stained boxes please contact us. Additionally, we can varnish the wooden boxes with colorless varnish. Using stain and varnish we can create a very exclusive wine boxes. The box is then smoothly gloss. This type of box is ideal for high-quality wines and spirits. Wine boxes are stained and varnished just outside. If you want that the wooden boxes are also stained inside please contact us.
In addition to each wine box there is a possibility to order wooden hay.

Wooden wine boxes are made of pine. There is, however, a possibility to produce boxes of any wood. Price depends on the type of wood and delivery time depends on the availability of a particular type of wood on the market. In order to receive an individual calculation of wine boxes please contact us.

Each wooden box can be engraved with logo or any inscription. In our price list you will find a price for the engraver up to 10cm2. If engraver at the wooden box should be greater, please contact us and send us graphic design, so we can calculate price.

We can make any wooden box for your individual needs and dimensions. If you have an idea for your own wooden box, if you have your own product, please contact us. We will prepare a calculation for your wooden box. In addition to wine boxes we can produce boxes for any other item: alcohol, tea, cards, medals, cigarettes, cigars, and many others.

Our head office is located at ul. Opatkowicka 25k in Cracow. Goods can be picked up directly from us or we can arrange shipment for you. Shipping price depends on the quantity and address, so please contact us to get the price for shipping.